11 June 2019 | Evenements


The business world in Africa is undergoing significant change: it offers extraordinary opportunities related to demographic factors, including the emergence of a young, dynamic middle class that is more disposed to consuming and investing. However, targeting the African market means adapting products and distribution channels and factoring in geopolitical and cultural considerations.

Andersen Tax & Legal prides itself on having in-depth knowledge of this market by virtue of well-established local operations.

Our international coverage and familiarity with the African continent allow us to support our clients in their transactions between Europe and Africa and within Africa itself, in sectors as varied as agrifood, energy, business services (particularly financial), technology, distribution and retail, to name but a few.

Our team

Our Africa team brings together more than 350 professionals based in 13 offices located across Africa and a further 50 or so working from our Africa Desks in Paris, Milan, Lisbon, Cologne and Vienna.

Our professionals are equally comfortable working in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese (and in the various languages spoken across the African continent) and are qualified to handle all legal and tax matters. As such, it is common for the team assigned to a case to be comprised of one professional based in Europe and another in Africa.

Our offering

Between its African network of local offices and the Africa Desks in Europe, Andersen Tax & Legal assists both international groups and private and institutional investors (European and African) with all of their development transactions in Africa. These teams bring a global strategic vision and can deal with all potential aspects of a transaction – legal, financial, regulatory and administrative – in order to guarantee its success. They are equally conversant with local technical issues and international standards. Our services cover the entire African continent from North to South and East to West.

Local offices in Africa and Africa Desks in Europe

Most of the local firms that have joined Andersen Tax & Legal in Africa as member firms or collaborating firms are major respected law firms in their own jurisdictions, highly placed in international rankings. They are used to collaborating on cases spanning the whole of Africa, as well as cross-border cases working in tandem with the Europe-based Africa Desks.